The world is bustling with consumerism and digital connection. Yet, there’s still a bone-deep longing for something personal. In a world that has given you distraction and impersonal modes of communication, reach out to the Holy Spirit to guide you toward the most personal connection of all: one with God.

Christina Hergenrader invites you to travel with her and the Holy Spirit in four weeks to re-evaluate your spiritual habits. Read personal anecdotes from Christina’s journey on the same path and find yourself in her stories. Focused on four cornerstones of healthy spiritual habits—word, prayer, praise, and reflection—you can find fulfillment of that soul-deep want for connection with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

This Bible study is perfect for individual study, groups of all sizes, or as an event kick-off. Each day ends with Bible verses to read or challenges to take your journey into your life and off the page. Pray at the end of each session to connect with God and the Holy Spirit as you go forward and reconnect, personally, with Him.

If asked to describe Inspired by the Holy Spirit in three words, I’d choose refreshing, relatable, and relevant. Like a breath of fresh air, this book will refresh and inspire you, drawing you closer to God’s love and grace. As Christina shares her life openly, honestly, and vulnerably, you will find yourself relating to her struggles, as well as enjoying the fun, creative challenges for each day’s reading.

Kathy Cowan
Director of Women's Ministry, Memorial Lutheran Church, Katy, Texas

In a compelling and conversational way, Christina Hergenrader meets the asphyxiating smog of an overwhelming, anxious life with Gospel restoration and Spirit-given tools for refreshment. The journey is fun, interesting, and inspiring.

Rev. Michael W. Newman
Author of Getting Through Grief and Hope When Your Heart Breaks, President of Texas District, LCMS