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I love to share stories and scripture with students and moms. Invite me to join your youth group, girl’s club, or church group for your next event or find out where I’ll be speaking next.

I am a spiritual & emotional growth coach with experience in spiritual growth, anxiety, reaching goals, and more.

Do you worry all the pressure will crush you? Let’s talk about how to live differently—like a sparkling diamond, reflecting light to the world.


Christina Hergenrader invites you to travel with her and the Holy Spirit in four weeks to re-evaluate your spiritual habits. Read personal anecdotes from Christina’s journey on the same path and find yourself in her stories. Focused on four cornerstones of healthy spiritual habits—word, prayer, praise, and reflection—you can find fulfillment of that soul-deep want for connection with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Your Anxiety is Stressing Out Your Teen

Anxiety is Contagious  The scene in my B Block class was familiar. That morning had been a killer test in one of LSA’s notorious AP classes. Several of my students had this class—but only a handful had taken the test that morning. The rest would face it that afternoon. Hysteria spread like a bad case […]
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Healthy Teen Relationships

Healthy Teen FriendshipsAs part of my job, I speak a couple of times a month to parent groups. One of my most attended sessions is about helping your teenager navigate relationships.As you’ve probably seen in your own house, high school relationships are hard. The stakes are higher now. Your teenager is navigating friend break-ups, learning […]
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Three New Ideas!

The artic blast this week gave our family one gift: time together. The day off was a nice moment to reconnect—and clean out our teenagers’ rooms. They were thrilled. Ha. Cleaning out closets is an archeological dig through their past goals and passions. Remember those years of softball? Tennis? Learning the guitar? Your Etsy era? […]
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