Last Summer at Eden

Experience the Christy-award nominated novel for yourself. From the moment nineteen-year-old Poppi Savot steps out of her car and into Camp Eden, she feels at home. This is her dream: a new job as Summer Director in the beautiful southern California hills. Life will be one long songfest around a campfire with s’mores and stories and kids learning about Jesus.

Not so fast.

Eden isn’t paradise.

First, there’s this guy—Jake—who complicates everything. Then, there’s her boss—Bryan—who wastes no time telling her the bad news: There aren’t enough campers. There isn’t enough money. This is Eden’s last summer. She will be unemployed and homeless.

But Poppi has hope. Ridiculous, outrageous, faith-driven hope. Still . . . is that enough?

Save Camp Eden!

What a fun book that kept me guessing until the very end!! I just had so much fun reading this book. You can’t help but falling in love with Poppi and cheering her on as she tries to save Camp Eden, grieve along with her and hold on tight as she falls for the camp heartthrob. You will love this book, you will love the characters and you will love Camp Eden!!!

Amanda Gatton
Avid Reader, Mom to Teen Daughters

A Must Read for Young Adults and Adults

Last Summer at Eden is a book that every young adult and adult will love to read. If you have ever attended camp, this book will resonate with you. I loved the titles, the shenanigans the children played on their counselors.

Jennifer Ward
Librarian, Lutheran South Academy