Love Rules

The forty short chapters in Love Rules are shards of real, gritty life. In this women’s Bible study, you will see yourself and how pride, insecurity, grudges, and coveting damage relationships. Each narrative also shows exactly why we still need Jesus and His perfect, Commandment-keeping love.

Love Rules tells the story of spiritual transformation, shows how God wants us to love better, and helps us see how we can. This Bible study addresses one commandment each week, then follows up with four devotions that approach the topic from different angles. The readings takes a “what does this mean” approach by asking open-ended questions and providing related Bible readings.

Christina has a way of relating life that hits your heart. We are all searching, for meaning, for direction in this life. Love Rules is a beautiful collection of experiences to encourage each of us that we are never alone. Dive in, be refreshed, and walk with Him as He rules your life with love. I found this book to be totally relevant for today.

Barbara J. Tanz

Busy moms take note: this is a quick read. It is almost deceptively quick. I found myself going back over the book after I finished and taking more time to contemplate the questions the author poses. Hergenrader has a very engaging writing style and this is a book almost anyone can relate to. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting read.

Shane Bolks
Author, Mom